As of May 2014, René Charbonneau is a certified corporate coach. He received his training from the Neuro Linguistic Programming Quebec Centre, in Montreal, a school renowned in all the French speaking countries.

Coaching is oriented toward solutions and action, more than exploring past whence the source of the problem resides.

Coaching is the belief that we don't need to know a lot about the problem to solve it.

In other words, becoming aware of past events is not a must to solve the problem and get rid of the symptom of it. To use an analogy: It is not because we know why a door is closed that it gives us the key to open it.

A coach likes better to help his client to mobilize his internal resources (for instance by connecting to positive reference experiences) in order to to reduce or dissolve the symptom.

For instance, if a person hopes to be less shy in public, she can explore the origins of her shyness in therapy (it could take a while) where, in coaching, she will work at discovering moments when she is not shy in public (it is impossible that a problem be always present and always as intense). Those counter examples (or exceptions to the problem) will allow her to realize that she owns the ressources of self confidence necessary to assert herself in public. She then will be ready, thanks to this greater feeling of self confidence, to speak up in contexts where she was not able to before.

Guillaume Leroutier
Directeur CQPNL

Corporate coaching works with both Managers and Teams:

  • Strategic planning coaching: To define values, mission and vision and integrate them in an appropriate strategic plan.
  • Performance coaching: for Managers who want to reach specific goals.
  • Development coaching: for Managers who want to progress in their management skills.
  • Integration coaching: for Managers who need to set their place and their style.
  • Maintenance coaching: for Managers who received coaching and want to receive follow-up coaching.
  • Team coaching: to maximize team performance bringing individual resources toward common goals.

Member of l'Alliance québécoise des thérapeutes naturels (AQTN):
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