Building on his teaching experience, René Charbonneau is also a Training Designer. He developed many of the Workshops he delivered. Adult Learning principles are at the heart of the Workshops he designs. For each of these Workshops and each of their modules, he uses a Professional training model : Attention - Acquisition - Application - Action.

Attention : The art of stating clearly what's in it for the participants, professionaly wise, in the topic that will be covered; it's one of the basic expectations of adults in professional training.

Acquisition : Introduction of the concept using a variety of facilitation techniques from lecture to team work to large group discussion to the use of video or audio clips.

Application : Practicing the concept taught - using a variety of techniques bringing the participants as close as possible to their real world so that they can integrate the concepts in their day-to-day Professional life.

Action : At each step of the Learning process, the participants are challenged to identify those elements they will transfer to their daily activities; this is why the Action Plan is a key tool of the training.